Companies that choose monday will benefit from greater visibility into the sales funnel and specific operations to inform decisions. Read our detailed overview of monday’s features and functions in our monday Sales CRM review. Centralize customer data for sales, create engaging marketing campaigns, elevate customer support, and connect with other apps seamlessly using AppConnect.

Best CRM for small businesses

You can get a free trial for 14 days, and pricing starts at £22.13 ($29) per user per month and goes up to £75.54 ($99) per user per month, paid annually. These upper plan features include Workflow Approval and Automation, which can automate standard business processes, and Sales Teams that can designate the members of the team to work on the individual deal. Insightly is known for being more than a CRM—it’s a project and work management app, too. It’s easy to use, but it has a steeper learning curve than some other CRMs on this list. You can use Insightly as a regular CRM to manage contacts, leads, deals and create sales pipelines.

You want to improve your sales, marketing, and customer service ROI.

But before signing any contract, read this guide to the small print first. If you’re a small or medium-sized B2B business and need something that your team will actually use, Salesflare may be right for you. CRM chops down the number of hours spent weekly on pesky admin tasks like manual data entry, letting you concentrate on relationship-building and fine-tuning your operations. Ultimately, the result is that your business expands in tandem with your network, helping you grow from an SME to a large business, enterprise, global mega corporation and beyond.

These include automatic workflows, email templates and campaigns, and performance reporting. Freshsales works best for small to medium businesses that prioritize ease of use over advanced customization. It’s one of the easiest to use among the systems we tested, even if it’s not quite as feature-rich as some. Insightly’s best crm for startups built-in reporting engine is AI-powered, and it provides one-button data export to Microsoft Power BI. Sales Creatio is more than capable of scaling to meet the needs of salesforces of any size. That being said, it’s complex, and that complexity might make it frustrating for smaller organizations with more modest needs.

Best for Small Sales Teams

However, if your ambitions aren’t quite that lofty, you might want to explore some other options, which could get you started faster and be lighter on your pocketbook. Your small business has goals, and a CRM platform can help your team achieve them faster and with a more focused effort. Your team will be more efficient, employee and customer experiences will improve, and your company will thrive.

You can create web forms using Pipedrive and embed them on your website to gather leads. The platform provides form templates designed by professionals, which you can edit to fit your tastes. Insightly is best for small businesses that need to manage projects and want to track their sales pipeline. With HubSpot CRM, you will organize communications without any hassle while your team will stay focused on the customers and solving their issues. You can use the all-in-one universal inbox to manage communications, integrate team email into your business, and offer live chat to help customers faster with tickets. Remofirst is an employer of record company that simplifies hiring global talent.

Pipedrive CRM

Open-source software, such as a CRM, is ideal for niche businesses requiring specific features not offered by the large traditional platforms. An open-source CRM offers businesses a high level of customization. Instead of being developed and controlled by one company, it consists of a source code published publicly and shared by users and developers all around the world.

We’re never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog. Storing prospect details to nurture relationships are at the core of a CRM system. Another good thing about Insightly is that you can use workflow automation to automate a lot of mundane sales tasks. For example, you can set it to send an automatic email once a lead reaches a specific stage of your deal. You can also automatically update your sales forecast after closing a deal.

Think About How the Features will Improve Your Sales and Lead Management

The following are items aren’t really bad for business, they just are necessary. Don’t forget to look for a product that can work with your email system. That makes it easy to call up previous interactions when a customer calls for support.

Best CRM for small businesses

But as your customer base grows, using manual methods to manage customer information, track follow-ups, and send communication won’t cut it. That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software can help. The free CRM itself of course does not come with a lot of functionality, so if you want something comparable to other CRMs in this list, you’ll quickly find yourself upgrading to the paid plans.

Best for Feature-Packed Simple CRM

Ease of use was one of the key factors our experts looked for in a CRM as was its popularity, standout features and value for the price. There’s a visual deal management board, so you can see opportunities in a Kanban drag-and-drop style. Insightly also includes email templates, web-to-lead capture and an automatic profile enrichment feature (from social media) for all plans. Zoho CRM is known for being an easy-to-use CRM, but it’s also a powerful and scalable solution for any size business.

Best CRM for small businesses

One of the biggest benefits of a great CRM is that it should reduce the time your teams spend on doing tedious tasks by way of automation so they can focus more on providing support, selling or marketing. A solo operation or a very small business could get started with the free plan and not need to upgrade for a while. The free plan lets you manage leads, contacts, accounts and deals with no limits. You’ll miss out on many helpful features, but for a slim CRM solution, it works well. And you’ll be able to automate some workflows and customize pages and tabs. File storage is limited to 1GB, so that could be an issue, but we still named it the best free CRM.

Zoho CRM: Best overall

We did this because like Salesflare, Pipedrive is built for sales teams, is easy to use, and easy to set up. While, in the first few years of its existence, Salesforce was focused on small businesses, it has since shifted its focus on enterprises. The free plan is capped at 250 contacts, so you may find yourself suddenly hitting a glass ceiling and having to commit to a paid plan. To keep using the product you’ve invested in for your day-to-day business, you may go from paying nothing to dishing out $18/month or more. Apart from that, in order to track and auto-generate contacts from email, you’ll have to remember to BCC them to your Dropbox, which is quite easy to forget.