The Biggest Companies in the World by Market Capitalization March 24, 2023

That may soon be changing, however, as Politico reported on Monday that a bipartisan group of lawmakers intends to push the American Data Privacy and Protection Act through in the lame duck session. That’s been accompanied by spending cutbacks and layoffs as economic uncertainty rises. But it also warned that supply-chain woes will continue to […]

The Most Famous Forex Traders Ever

He never had silver spoons or wealthy parents, neither had he well-placed friends or the right connections. This should have significantly impacted his Day trading tips character and his passion for the work and his very determined temper. He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Economics in 1976. While not all […]

Double Doji Candlestick Pattern

Each candlestick of doji reflects a different view point for institutional traders. As with Dragonfly, gravestone doji indicates a market trend reversal. Doji Cand long-legged Doji signals a pause and change in the market’s structure. A Double Doji Candle is a rare candlestick pattern identifying potential price reversals. It occurs when the opening and closing […]